Home Remodeling When You Don’t Have Time for It

Home Remodeling When You Don’t Have Time for It

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Right up there on the list of stressful life events with buying a house is remodeling one. Whether due to natural disaster or just wanting a change of pace, slapping a bit of paint on the walls or doubling the size of your bathrooms can be  stressful.

Right up there on the list of stressful life events with buying a house is remodeling one.

The amount of stress and the time it takes to complete the remodeling project will go hand in hand. Not being able to use your bathroom or having the smell of fresh paint permeate the house will affect your personal life and schedule while causing aggravation and stress.

Where To Start

Remodeling will make your home a more livable environment while iincreasing property values, so the inconvenience is worth it. Being aware that there will be stress, and understanding what it will do to you and your family, will do a lot to minimize it. Creating a detailed plan will keep the project in perspective and give you a sense of accomplishment as you go down the list of ‘things to do’ and mark off the ones that have been done. Putting up with the smell of paint, when you know that it signals a specific point in your project is easier than if your goals are vague.

Specific ways to reduce stress on your remodel include:

  • Communicate with everyone involved. Contractors, family members, and neighbors all have a vested interest in knowing how your project is coming along. Keeping lines of communication open will let them know what they can expect next or if there are delays or problems with the project.
  • Hire dependable contractors. When it comes to projects involving electrical work, plumbing, carpentry or anything of a technical nature, hiring qualified and competent contractors will speed up the project, minimize problems and – most significantly – reduce your stress as parts of your home are torn up and replaced.

Problems can be a huge part of the stress during remodeling jobs, the experts at Restoration Elite sum it up best by saying, “It’s better to hire someone dependable than it is to rely on our services if your contractor messes it up.”

  • Separate larger projects into smaller component projects. A large-scale home remodeling project can be intimidating. Remodeling your kitchen, for example, can include an electrical fix as new outlets are installed, a plumbing fix where your pipes and fixtures are replaced, a carpentry fix as counters and cupboards are updated,  and many more. Taken as a whole, the project can be intimidating. Breaking it down into smaller projects will make it easier to digest and less stressful as smaller deadlines are hit and projects resolved.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Large projects can begin to take on a life of their own. Start small. If you are looking to remodel the bathroom, do it in steps instead of all at once. Replace the shower/bath tub as a complete project, not just part of a larger one. Once you have completed the smaller project, then decide on whether or not you want to do an additional project.

For any homeowner, improving your house is a goal. Fixing up the small problems and making it more livable for you and your family turn a house into a home. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that making things more comfortable can be very stressful.

These ideas will make your project go smoother and finish quicker, two things that will reduce the stress inherent in any home remodeling project. Your goal is to improve your home, not damage your health.


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