Wood Flooring “Back to Nature” – Decoration Channel

Wood Flooring “Back to Nature” – Decoration Channel

Wood flooring is attractive enough to complete the interior design at our home. However, wooden floor has pros and cons that we should know so that we will be wise enough when deciding to use wooden floor.

Before detailing about wood flooring, we have to know the advantages and disadvantages of it.

wood flooring with round shape

The Advantages:

  1. Wood flooring surely brings to natural feeling.
  2. It makes the area warm even during winter or rainy seasons. The characteristic of wood is absorbing the heat during daytime and release it at night.
  3. More comfortable for our foot.

The Disadvantages

  1. It is easy to get porous. Untreated wood flooring is causing the wood easy to get porous due to dampness or humidity. If so, the wood will smell bad and getting moldy.
  2. Expanded. The wooden flooring is easy to get swelled or shrunk due to an extreme weather conditions.
  3. The untreated wooden flooring will not be easy to be cleaned in cased we drop ink or alike. The liquid will be absorbed by the wood.
  4. The untreated wood flooring has to be cleaned on regular basis, or else, the fiber will be den of diseases and bacteria.

wood flooring texture

How to overcome the above disadvantages points?

  • Treat the wood flooring with permethrin to protect from insects.
  • When installing the wooden floor, use a vertical and horizontal combination to prevent any swells.
  • Use a slipping agent to reduce the slipperiness.
  • Clean the floor regularly. Mop the floor as soon as we drop any liquid on it.

After understanding the pros and cons of wood flooring, now, we are well informed about it and start to “welcome” our wooden floor.wood flooring texture type

Wooden flooring is suitable for any house styles such as traditional, classic, modern, and ethnic or whatever you name it. This is flexible at any time, style and situation.

There are 2 types of wood flooring:


The tile or floor is made originally from wood. The shape is usually like a panel that has a slot for easy installation. Solid wooden floor is more thicker than the other 2 types. However, it is difficult to find solid wooden floor and surely it is more expensive.

More natural
The natural fiber is visible

The color – for long time use – will look dim.
Scratches, fire and rift risks.

However, we have many solutions for the above problems. Ask the store for solid wood flooring treatment.

wood flooring for natural home

Engineered wood flooring

We can get a solid wood flooring from this type. This type is also called a multi-layered floor. It is almost the same like solid wood, however, it has certain sizes and thickness.

The upper part is coated by certain type of protection so that it will not easily absorb any dust or dirt.


Not all “fake wood” is bad. An imitation of wood flooring could be a good solution for us. The price is cheaper and the durability is almost the same like the engineered wooden floor.

The best quality of the imitation wood flooring is fireproof, waterproof and scratch-proof. It is your choice, and the choice is what your budget said.

wood flooring for modern room

wood flooring for living room

wood flooring with soft color

wood flooring for family room

wood flooring with glossy style

wood flooring for bedroom

Glossy wood flooring

Wood flooring for minimalist look

Wood flooring so natural

Wood flooring


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